Bitcoin, Binance and Biscoint market open job vacancies for those who want to work with cryptomoedas

Some vacancies offer home office work, as well as food and culture vouchers.

There is still time to get a job before the year 2020 ends. Currently there are three companies with open jobs that operate in the Brazilian cryptomeda market.

In the Bitcoin Market alone, for example, there are seven job opportunities. One of the vacancies is for service supervisor, with specialization in Money Laundering Prevention (PLD).

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According to the job description, you must have knowledge in „money laundering prevention, governance and compliance“ to apply. The position has been open for one month, and until then, the Bitcoin Circuit Market has not found a service supervisor with this specialization.

Vacancies in the Bitcoin Market

The labor market in the cryptomorphic sector is heated with employment opportunities in several areas. In addition to a service specialist specializing in combating money laundering crimes, the Bitcoin Market is looking for a copywriter.

According to the presentation of the position, the contractor will be responsible for creating all content related to MeuBank, the digital bank of the Bitcoin Market. Opened one week ago, more than 167 people have already applied for the Bitcoin Market copywriter position through LinkedIn.

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Meanwhile, there are other open positions in the exchange, which seeks to hire a business analyst and frontend developer. The other opportunities are for backend developer and risk analyst and internal controls.

Working at Binance

Besides the Bitcoin Market, Binance also has openings for Brazilians. According to the exchange site, it is looking for a specialist on marketing growth to act in the country.

Still on the marketing area, at Binance there is a vacancy for operations manager. According to the job description, it is necessary to have four years of proven experience on the area.

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On the other hand, the exchange is also looking for a business development director, but related to fiduciary currencies. Finally, Binance also intends to recruit a senior legal expert.

Biscoint hires support analyst

Biscoint also has job openings currently, as well as Binance and the Bitcoin Market. In the case of Biscoint, the company intends to hire two support and customer service analysts.

Biscoint has two open job positions

In addition to offering Bitcoin prices on different platforms, Biscoint offers the sale of cryptomites. Therefore, contractors should offer support to the site, helping customers with doubts about the market.

According to the company, the work schedule is home office, and the working day can be 30 or 40 hours per week. Besides the salary, the company offers food and culture vouchers.